About Us

Kastamonu University Fine Arts and Design Faculty Our faculty was founded by cabinet decree on writing the letter of National Education Ministry which is dated August 14th 2014 and numbered 3364468 according to the law no. 2809's 30th additional clause dated March 28th 1983.

Our Vision

Our faculty aims to be a centre of arts and culture ,which is from local to universal, in Kastamonu. In this regard, our vision is to develop art programs oriented traditional and contemporary which our country needs or to be needed in future on the areas of fine arts and design considering cultural and economic level, to provide suitable physical environment by following the developments in the related fields and to realize the processes of art, research, and teaching at the national and international level. Furthermore, based on improvements of the students' art abilities with contemporary understanding by providing qualified workforce through the society to be formed by experiences and knowledge directed art and design, to bring attention of our people in fine arts to the level of worldwide.

Our Mission

Our faculty is founded to be active in the areas of fine arts and design with the perspective of contemporary education which provides the requests of the modern world. In parallel with these activities, it has been aimed to build essential value and environment conditions to educate the people who can get into the changing world with the competent perspective, with the competent perspective, respected to society and science, researcher, rogatory, analyser, having own cognitive thinking Within this context, our mission is to educate the generations who are equipped with the extensive fund of knowledge from local to universal, sensitive for all traditional and modern art fields, aimed creating new art formations on the universal line, gained visual literacy, can think positively and use their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of humanity, participant, sharer and respectful to nature and human.