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General Information Natural Gas and Installation Technology

Department Information

Language  Turkish
Program Director  Instructor Ekrem GÜLSEVİNÇLER
Department’s ECTS and Erasmus Co-ordinator  Instructor Ekrem GÜLSEVİNÇLER
Program Secretary  
Program Time (Year)  2
Max.Program Time (Year)  4
Program Quota  
Internships Status  Have
.Graduate Degree  
ÖSYM type  YGS2
Kastamonu University, Abana Sabahat-Mesut Yılmaz Vocational School, Department of Electricity and Energy, Natural Gas and Installation Technology Programme, started in educational activities in 2013-2014 academic year
Qualification Awarded
Natural Gas and Installation Technician

Admission Requirements
These requirements are determined by the regulations of The Council of Higher Education (YÖK) in accordance with ÖSYM which is the student selection and placement center in TURKEY

Higher Grade Transition
May apply to bachelor´s programs in related fields of study provided that the student obtains sufficient score in the Vertical Transfer Examination(DGS) administered by the Student Selection Centre or may apply to bachelor´s degree completion program in related fields of study in Distance Education System.

Graduation Requirements
Students which have a minimum cumulative academic degree 2.0 of 4.0 can be graduated if they success the 120 ECTS credit of learning program in total and complete their practical training (internship.)
Occupational Profiles of Graduates
Graduates of Gas and Installation Technology Program are employed in natural gas sector, the goods / service-producing companies, industrial companies that produce heating and flue systems, natural gas distribution companies and heating centers. In addition, graduates may be employed in many different positions according to the needs for technical staff of the energy sector because of its wide-ranging program properties.

Assessment and Grading
Before the start of each semester, students must register for their courses and in order to admit to the final examinations they must be continued for at least 70% of courses and 80% of practical applications. Students are subjected to at least one midterm and final exam. The course instructor assigns a grade of between 0 and 100 for each course taken by a student and this grade is known as the raw score. Passing grade will be calculated by adding 40% of the midterm exam (written exam, project, homework, laboratory exams, quizzes, etc. ) to 60% of the final exam and final grade must be at least 25 points. A student who has received any of the AA, BA, BB, CB, CC letter grade is considered as successful in that course. DC is probation passing grade. Students must have a GPA of over 2 to be successful from any course received DC letter grade. Letter grades and their associated coefficients are as follows; Grade Factor AA 4 BA 3,5 BB 3 CB 2,5 CC 2 DC 1,5 DD 1 FD 0,5 FF 0

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